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Natural therapies by far have the largest share in alternative treatment modality than any other forms of treatment combined. These include medical systems like Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga etc. The vast popularity of such systems stem from the fact that these forms of treatment are almost side effect free and provide a lasting relief by addressing the root cause of ailments.

In present times, rapid industrialization and modernization of lifestyle in a fast changing world are inadvertently compelling the mankind to suffer from the effects of pollution, radiations and such others. The world is undoubtedly becoming a small place, but simultaneously it is increasing the burden of huge stress affecting almost everyone in this competitive space. The combined effect of all these factors culminates into various diseases and conditions which are affecting the mankind in their daily life terribly. Hence a treatment method is required to address the needs of modern life, which should be customized for an individual's total health condition rather than general symptomatic relief of his/her disease. To meet such requirement, Natural Therapies have proved their potential in treating all major acute and chronic diseases most effectively and safely.

The tremendous success achieved by these natural treatment methodologies prompted Naturoveda Health World to formulate a unique combination of these therapies. Thus Naturoveda has been the pioneer in utilizing Ayurveda, Unani and Yoga in most scientific and patient friendly manner for providing complete health solutions. The aforesaid unique method of treatment is popularly known as Naturovedic Treatment. Naturoveda Health World is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation and has also received HAKIM AJMAL KHAN GLOBAL AWARD FOR THE BEST AYURVEDIC & UNANI CLINIC, which is in itself awarded for the first time in Eastern India.

Naturovedic Treatment has created a new dimension in the field of Health & Wellness. People suffering from diseases like piles, skin ailments, diabetes, joint pain and many other chronic disorders flock to Naturoveda every day. Today sexual well-being is a major concern for every individual. Naturoveda provides effective and safe health solutions to them through these Natural Systems. A large number of people from India and abroad who have been suffering from various acute and chronic ailments are continuously getting benefitted through this completely natural, safe and powerful treatment provided by the qualified and highly experienced specialists of Naturoveda Health World.

Our Specialities: Arthritis | Spondylitis | Sciatica | Back Pain | Piles | Fissure | Fistula | Stomach Troubles| Infertility | Weakness (Male/Female) | Female Diseases | Type-II Diabetes | Obesity | Under Weight | Acne & Pimples| Psoriasis | Eczema | White Patches | Warts & Corns | Asthma | Migraine | Sinusitis | Hair Problems | Other Chronic Diseases

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