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5 Foods That Can Substitute Meat

Many people think that since meat is tasty, it is automatically good. Be warned: pleasing only your taste buds can end up hurting your health!


You may have thought about removing meat from your diet. Perhaps you had read somewhere that too much meat in your diet is unhealthy, or you want better control over your weight. Regardless of the reason, it is time you learned about how you can go about replacing meat from your daily diet. These assorted foods will supply you with almost all the nutrients that meat gives, while being much better for your general health.


Foods which can replace meat


1. Mushroom – While people may debate whether it is a vegetable or a fungus, one thing is clear: it feels and tastes just like meat! Nutritionally they are not equivalent in protein, but just a cup of chopped mushrooms can provide 15 calories. Mushrooms are a good source of selenium, an antioxidant that helps to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. Coupling mushrooms with nuts or legumes can strike the perfect balance of flavour and nutrients.


2. Lentils – Available in a wide variety of colours, lentils are an inexpensive option for a filling meal. Apart from being a versatile protein source, lentils are high in folate, iron, potassium and antioxidants. Unlike meat, lentils have zero cholesterol, thus making it a healthy meat substitute.


3. Unripe Jackfruit – Perhaps the only vegetable which stands so close to meat that often a dish prepared with it is confused with that of meat. The unripe jackfruit is a vegetable and is cooked as a meat substitute in curries and sandwich fillings. It has a meaty texture and is high in natural fibre. Being rich in potassium, a diet consisting unripe jackfruit helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure, muscle function and hydration.


4. Beans – One cup of beans can provide about 12gms of protein. Inexpensive, healthy and filling, beans come in different varieties: kidney beans, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, etc. Rich in fibre, protein and magnesium, they work wonderfully in stews, soups and salads.


5. Paneer: This dairy product has been used as a substitute for meat in Indian cuisine for several centuries. It is a high protein food which is easily able to replace meat from your diet. Moreover, paneer is a rich source of calcium, which helps to maintain bone strength and keeps  degenerative diseases like Osteoporosis at bay.


By Khalid Md. Saifullah


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