• "God has not sent down any disease
  • without a cure."
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3 preventive tips to avoid AIDS !!

1. Be loyal to your partner: HIV, being the culprit of AIDS, is most commonly spread through sexual contact. Having multiple sexual partners greatly increases the risk of getting AIDS or several sexually transmitted diseases like HPV, Herpes, Chlamydia, etc. Thus, you should be loyal to your partner. This is the easiest step you can take to stay safe from AIDS.


2. Stay away from risky behaviour: Refrain from sharing used needles, syringes or cotton patches. Keep away from bodily fluids of other people like semen, blood, pus, breast milk, etc. Remember, even using condoms is not 100% safe. Avoid getting blood transfusion from non-reputed blood banks or hospitals.


3. Educate yourself: Gather basic information about AIDS and share it with your family, especially children. Learn about the common signs and symptoms, how it spreads and how it can be prevented. Keep yourself informed about the current health news as well as the latest medical advisory regarding this grave problem.
By Khalid Md. Saifullah
Editor-in-Chief, Health Companion
Naturoveda Health World
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