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By Following These 5 Tips, You Can Control Blood Pressure More Efficiently !!

Hypertension is a silent killer. It kills about 8 million people worldwide every year and is a causative factor for cardiovascular diseases, renal failure, maternal death in pregnancy, etc. This World Hypertension Day, let’s take a pledge to control blood pressure or be rest assured that it will kill you.


1. Be physically active – Regular physical activity strengthens the heart, which means it can pump more blood with less effort. This decreases the force on the arteries thereby lowering blood pressure. But to maintain this, exercising on a daily basis is important. Do 30-45 minutes of exercise at a stretch every day. This helps to bring down blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, relieve stress and prevent many diseases. Exercising at a stretch boosts endorphin secretion, which creates a sense of well-being. Keep in mind, not to miss a chance of physical activity throughout the day, whenever possible. 2 minutes of walking every hour is highly recommended for healthy living.


2. Practise breathing techniques to control stress – Stress is often the cause of sudden spikes in blood pressure. Long-term stress can seriously affect heart health by not allowing blood pressure to come down, hence managing it becomes all the more necessary. Do 3 minutes of deep breathing every 3 hours. According to eminent psychologists, deep breathing counters stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.


3. Cut down salt and red meat – Our body requires 3.8 grams of salt daily. But most people consume about 7 grams of it. Too much sodium in the blood causes hypertension. A 2008 study published in the “British Medical Journal” has found the unfavourable impact of red meat on blood pressure. Hence, it is better to cut down the intake of both salt and red meat.


4. Avoid tea/coffee, smoking and drinking alcohol as much as you can – Daily caffeine intake in the form of tea/coffee can cause a dramatic impact on blood pressure. Researchers believe that caffeine intake blocks the hormone that widens arteries. Another school of researchers are of the opinion that caffeine induces the adrenal glands to release more adrenaline that causes hypertension. Smoking instantly causes an elevation in systolic blood pressure. This is because nicotine in tobacco stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals that contract blood vessels and result in high blood pressure. Research says that by quitting alcohol, upto 3 millimetres of Hg reduction in blood pressure is possible.


5. Continue prescribed medicines and monitor blood pressure regularly – Individuals diagnosed with hypertension are prescribed appropriate anti-hypertensive medicines. But often it is seen that they stop taking them once the blood pressure comes under control after a few days. This practice can prove to be fatal as this can lead to sudden spike in blood pressure resulting in a brain stroke or heart attack. Blood pressure if not monitored on a regular basis can rise up to dangerous levels. With no visible initial problems, its negative impacts only show when it gets aggravated. Hence, it is always advisable not only to regularly monitor blood pressure but also to continue taking prescribed anti-hypertensive medicines.


By Khalid Md. Saifullah
Editor-in-Chief, Health Companion




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