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Want to stay fully energetic, radiant and disease free ? Then this season eat Mango, Mango and Mango !!

Can eating Mangoes keep the doctors away? Yes it can! There’s nothing like seasonal fruits because they taste better, cost cheaper and stay fresher with high nutrient values. And Mango is one of them. Throughout the year, we await the arrival of this fruit, as it not only satisfies our taste buds but also gifts us with many health benefits. Let’s find them out.


Good for Digestive system:


Mangoes provide the highest amount of total dietary fibre. Approximately 3 gms of fibre can be found in 100 gms of natural fruit. The high-fibre content reduces the chances of gastrointestinal disorders by improving bowel movements. Being a natural prebiotic, it helps to keep the good bacteria in the gut alive. These gut bacteria break the sugar polymers to simple sugar.


Strengthens Immunity:


Substantial amount of Vitamins A &  C in mangoes along with different types of carotenoids helps to keep your immunity in good stead. 25% of the daily nutrients needed by the body can be provided by a cup of sliced mangoes.


Beneficial for Diabetics:


For Diabetics, the glycemic index matters the most to maintain a proper blood sugar level. The low glycemic index of 40-50 makes it an essential inclusion for diabetics. As per a study conducted by the American Societies for Experimental Biology, eating mangoes every day may control and even lower blood sugar level. Compound mangiferin along with certain enzymes is believed to influence the metabolism of blood sugar. Many Diabetic complications like neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy and heart damage are caused by the free radicals in the body. Vitamin C helps neutralize the free radicals, protecting the body from damage. Moreover, consuming mango with its peel for diabetics is preferable.


Excellent for Skin Health:


Rich in Vitamins A, C and E with beta-carotene, mangoes are a wonderful source of skin-healing antioxidants that rejuvenate your complexion. Vitamin A also helps to protect and renew your skin cells as well as the mucous membranes. The Vitamin E and Copper help to safeguard your skin from UV damage by producing sufficient amount of melanin.


Lowers the risk of Eye Damage:


Researchers have linked eye-friendly nutrients to reduced risk of certain eye diseases. Studies show that the rich presence of lutein and zeaxanthin present in mangoes brings down the risk of chronic eye diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.


Helps in Weight Loss:


Mangoes are low-energy density fruit besides being rich in fibre. Both these qualities contribute to the feeling of fullness, which stops us from binge eating. Moreover, according to a research in Australia, extracts taken from mango peel appeared to inhibit the development of human fat cells. This was due to the phytochemicals present in the peel that act as natural fat busters. Hence, having mango along with its peel will enhance weight loss drastically. 


Prevents Cancerous Growth:


None can possibly believe that a fruit can prevent or treat cancer but surprisingly Mango does! Mangoes have beta- carotene, polyphenol compounds & Vitamin C, which is anti-carcinogenic in nature. The Texas Agrilife Research Centre has found that mangoes have the ability to prevent, halt and treat cancer growth in certain blood, colon, prostate, lungs, breast and other cell lines. The polyphenols present in mangoes target only the cancer cells without damaging the other healthy cells of the body.


By Khalid Md. Saifullah
Editor-in-Chief, Health Companion




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