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Cancer is emerging like an epidemic… Let’s be alert before it’s too late !!

Nowadays, Cancer is becoming one of the prominent diseases. But, are you aware that you can prevent and combat it naturally? Cancer is a group of diseases associated with peculiar growth in cells with the chances of infringement or spreading to other parts of the body. They form a group of lumps or cysts known as neoplasm.



                                                 :: Ways to keep Cancer at bay ::                                            

1. Choose the right diet: A proper diet can lower the Cancer risk by 60%. Whatever we eat or choose not to eat directly affects our health in innumerable ways. The right food habit can help you to fight the disease internally as well as prevent it in the first place.


a. Intake colourful fruits and vegetables:   Antioxidants such as flavonoids and cartenoids are powerful micronutrients. Fruits like pomegranate,  mango, watermelon, apples, plums, papaya and vegetables such as beetroot and spinach are rich in antioxidants, which freeze the growth rate of Cancer cells and boost immunity. Other vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower and leafy green veggies are a ‘must eat’.


b.  Dietary Fibre :    Eating fibre rich food such as whole grains, beans, peas, lentils, etc helps in stimulation of metabolism. Fibre aids in quick movement of food through the digestive tract, removing carcinogens and oestrogens responsible for different types of Cancer.


c.  Kitchen Herbs:   Essentials such as black seed, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, black pepper, ginger not only adds that extra flavour in our food but also benefits us in keeping Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease & Cancer distant. So, be sure to add some of these wonderful kitchen ingredients in your diet on a regular basis.


2. Drink adequate amount of water: Research says that drinking 8 glasses of water on an average every day helps an individual to stay fit, by speeding up the metabolism and detoxifying the body. However, the intake of water varies from person to person depending on  their weight & disease. Thus water, keeps our body hydrated and also helps it to steer clear from colon, breast and bladder Cancer.


3. Exercise daily: Day-to-day physical activities not only help us to stay fit and healthy but also keeps Cancer away. Indulge more into aerobic exercises like brisk walking, swimming and also playing games like football, cricket, basketball, etc. These activities restrict the chances of gaining weight, reduces anxiety and also strengthen the immune system.


4. Maintain healthy weight: Obese people have the higher risk of developing breast, bowel and pancreatic Cancer. Excess fat in our body can affect the working of cells by producing hormones and growth which can later turn into lumps or cysts. These lumps or cysts may take an ugly turn as Cancer, later on.


5. Say ‘No’ to Tobacco and Alcohol: Chewing tobacco, consumption of cigarettes and alcohol have been a cause for various types of Cancer — lung, mouth, throat, pancreas, bladder, cervix and kidney. Tobacco contains Nicotine, Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Lead and Arsenic, which induce the chances of Cancer. Alcohol on the other hand increases the scope of various inflammations such as Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Cancer damaging the basic function of Liver.


6. Avoid indulging in unsafe sexual activity: Stay away from protection less sexual contact. Risky behaviour or disloyalty can make you a victim of HPV leading to genital Cancer. Thus, it’s important to get immunized against HPV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.


7. Seek routine medical help: Regular check-up at intervals are essential. Especially a woman must know how to detect or understand if she has any lumps by self examination. Breast Cancer can be detected early by this technique.They help you to be aware of your own health and keep under a check. The more you are conscious about your own health, the better life you will lead.


“Cancer means a message of Death”, it is a Myth!

Cancer may sound as a dreadful disease, but it can also be overthrown. There are so many ways to stop it from growing; being early to comprehend helps us to take necessary steps. There is hope when there is darkness, we need to look at the brighter side and walk through the obstacles like a warrior not being fearful to any impediment. Combating each step matters. Do not be afraid of the treatment. Start the treatment as soon as possible. Don’t forget to add authentic natural medicines as an adjuvant. It will make your recovery quick keeping you energetic & enhancing your immune system. Naturoveda Organic’s Immunobotanics aids in strengthening your immunity system making you strong from within preventing inflammation or infection.


Famous Personalities who battled and won against Cancer

Renowned actress Manisha Koirala who has been critically acclaimed for her versatile acting in films, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in the year 2012. She underwent a treatment for six months and is now Cancer free. Similarly, cricketer Yuvraj Singh went Cancer free after a thorough treatment for a tumour in his left lung. Other celebrities like Mumtaz, Lisa Ray also got treated. US Senator John McCain is getting treated. Ben Stiller, an actor who has won many hearts with his performances is also a Cancer survivor.


By Khalid Md. Saifullah
Editor-in-Chief, Health Companion


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