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5 Fascinating Benefits of Ajwa Dates !!


Uniqueness of Ajwa dates


Dates are extremely popular worldwide. Owing to their palatable taste and multiple health benefits, they are consumed as fruits as well as used in preparation of many desserts. Ajwa date is a variety of date, which is soft, dry and finely textured found exclusively in Saudi Arabia and exported around the world. This kind of date is cultivated in Madina and is considered as the finest type among all other dates. This date was first planted by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), before which this variety was not available anywhere. Furthermore, significance of this fruit has been acknowledged by many scientific researches, which prove its enormous health benefits. Studies reveal, Ajwa dates have all the essential vitamins and other nutrients along with Magnesium, Potassium, 15 types of salts and minerals, 14 types of fatty acids, 23 types of amino acids and large concentration of fibre.  
1. Ajwa dates for cardiac health
Heart attack is becoming increasingly commonplace these days. Regular consumption of Ajwa dates prevents constriction of blood vessels, strengthens the heart as well as improves cardiac functioning. Here’s a recipe: take skimmed milk and mix cooked oats. Then add ¼ tsp cinnamon powder and 7 Ajwa dates. Eat this dish during breakfast. Interestingly, as per an authentic narration (Hadith), Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised a physician to give Ajwa dates with its seeds in the form of a paste to one of his companions who was suffering from cardiac problem.



2. Ajwa dates for Diabetes
People who are suffering from Diabetes should make a habit of taking 4 Ajwa dates in the morning and 3 pieces in the evening. This will not only help provide strength and energy but also keep you safe from the complications that arise out of Diabetes. As Diabetes is known to increase the risk of cardiac issues, kidney diseases, eye problems, impaired immunity, sexual inadequacies, thus people with Diabetes should take Ajwa dates on a regular basis. Remember: do not forget to continue taking your prescribed diabetic medicines.


3. Ajwa dates for vigour and vitality
Taking Ajwa Dates with milk on a regular basis prevents from sexual debilities. It also helps increase sperm count and motility. Since it is a natural aphrodisiac, both husband and wife should have 1 glass of lukewarm milk with 10 filaments of saffron and 7 Ajwa dates mixed with it at night.


4. Ajwa dates for immunity
Ajwa dates serve as an excellent source of antioxidants. Selenium present in it prevents cancer and boosts immune function. While weakened immunity is a cause for various ailments, hyperactive immunity on the other hand leads to autoimmune disorders. Regularly consuming Ajwa dates aids the body to modulate the functioning of immune system.


5. Ajwa Dates for overall health
Many amongst us take various steps to improve overall health. Such people should opt for Ajwa dates as they provide strength and stamina along with other medical benefits. It is advisable to take 7 Ajwa dates every day. People who eat Ajwa dates daily are generally safe from stomach cancer, eye problems and debility.
As Ajwa dates contain iron and prevent anaemia, they are tremendously beneficial for pregnant women. One should continue consuming Ajwa dates even after childbirth as it not only provides strength but also helps stimulate milk production.
Fasting is a common practice found in almost all religions. As Ajwa dates are nutritionally enriched, one is advised to break their fast by taking them. As Ramzan is knocking at the door, Muslims are especially recommended to have Ajwa dates during this holy month.


By Khalid Md. Saifullah
Editor-in-Chief, Health Companion




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