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Cough & Cold

Cough & Cold

Cough & Cold is a widely prevalent but extremely irritating ailment which nearly all people suffer from sometime or the other. It can be a major problem that interferes with daily activities and may lead to other respiratory disorders. It may be caused by viral infections, allergies and environmental factors. Although common cold is not dangerous except in newborns, unfortunately it can wear down body's resistance, making it more susceptible to bacterial infections. It can also lead to more troublesome ailments like Influenza, Pneumonia and Lung infections. Therefore we need to be aware of the problem and its natural solution. 
Colds usually begin abruptly with a sore throat followed by watery nasal discharge, sneezing, blocked nose, fatigue and cough. For the first few days the nasal secretions are watery; later they become more viscous and darker. A mild cough is a common cold symptom and it may last even after the cold has subsided. If you have Asthma or other lung problem, a cold may make it worse. Congestion and breathing problems may also appear. Usually, there is no fever in case of common cold. Fever may indicate more serious complications like flu or a bacterial infection. 
More than 200 different viruses are known to cause the common cold. The most common cold viruses include: Rhinoviruses – causing 10-40% of colds, Coronaviruses – causing 20% of colds, Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV) and Parainfluenza virus – together responsible for 10% of colds. Exposure to various substances that trigger allergies (allergens) and irritants can also set off symptoms of common cold. Such triggers vary from person to person and can include a wide range of substances, including – airborne particles, pollutants and sudden fluctuations in temperature. Overuse of expensive medicines available in the market can lead to serious side effects.
Effective solution has been achieved through Fundamentals of Ayurveda, Unani and Therapeutic Yoga which is completely safe and natural. Naturovedic treatment successfully employs a unique combination of these three systems to provide effective and long-lasting relief without any adverse effect.


Foods to have

  • Ginger
  • Honey
  • Tulsi
  • Herbal tea
  • Citrus fruits (Lemon)

Foods to avoid

  • Ice cream
  • Bananas
  • Cold drinks
  • Oily & fried food
  • Pickles