• "God has not sent down any disease
  • without a cure."
  • - Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

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Frequently Asked Questions

naturoveda.comWhat is the speciality of the treatment provided by Naturoveda?

The treatment methodology of ‘Naturoveda Health World’ is a unique combination of Fundamentals of Ayurveda, Unani and Therapeutic Yoga. A group of qualified physicians and Yoga expert provide this treatment by prescribing Ayurvedic and Unani medicines along with specific Yogic exercises. Ideally, you should avail of this treatment for a considerable period of time so that the ailment you are suffering from can be removed comprehensively.

naturoveda.comIs Naturovedic treatment 100% safe?

‘Naturoveda’ provides Ayurvedic and Unani medicines which are prepared from different parts of natural herbs. Roots, barks, leaves, flowers etc. of the herbs as well as minerals are used to detoxify and strengthen the body’s cells while eradicating the root cause of the disease. Besides this, the Therapeutic Yoga applied here is based on renowned Yogic texts. Thus, it helps to improve blood circulation and removes toxins from the body in a faster way. Therefore, Naturovedic treatment has been proven to be extremely safe and harmless.

naturoveda.comHow authentic and reliable is Naturovedic treatment?

Naturovedic treatment is a fusion of ancient medical thought and modern scientific practice. It is a methodical manifestation of natural treatment. It may be recalled that natural treatment has been so well accepted in recent times that the Government of India has set up a separate AYUSH ministry. Moreover, all the medicines at ‘Naturoveda Health World’ are available in sealed packages and are approved by the Drug Control of India. ‘Naturoveda’ has, till date, successfully treated more than 3,00,000 patients. ‘Naturoveda’ has been honoured twice with the most prestigious Hakim Ajmal Khan Global Award for ‘The Best Ayurvedic & Unani Clinic’ in the years 2009 & 2013 respectively. ‘Naturoveda’ has also been awarded as “India’s Most Trusted & Reliable Healthcare Destination in the field of Ancient Medical Sciences” by All India Unani Tibbi Congress.

naturoveda.comWhat is the guarantee that treatment from Naturoveda would completely cure my disease?

Naturovedic treatment is based on the time-tested ancient medical practices of Ayurveda, Unani and Yoga that have cured millions of people through thousands of years. ‘Naturoveda’ uses these methodologies in their best form by combining them in a unique and scientific manner. Therefore, chances of not getting completely cured are absolutely minimal.

naturoveda.comWhat would be the cost of Naturovedic treatment?

The treatment at ‘Naturoveda Health World’ is quite reasonable and affordable. However, the total cost will completely depend on the duration of the treatment required to achieve positive result with respect to the severity of the disease.

naturoveda.comCan I continue Naturovedic treatment with my existing medicines?

You can certainly do so. Naturovedic treatment is the natural way of strengthening the body and achieving health. In this treatment process, the body is able to detoxify itself by removing all impurities. This natural healing does not interact with other kinds of treatments in any way. Thus you can continue taking any existing medicines. Since natural treatment takes a little time to produce effective results, you should not discontinue existing medicines without consulting the doctor.

naturoveda.comHow can a person get treatment while living in a place where Naturovedic clinic is not available?

It is always advisable to visit any of the existing clinics in person. However, if it is not possible to visit the clinic, one may avail the Telephonic Consultation Facility to consult our medical experts. You can also send complete case details of the problem (such as clinical reports and photo images of the affected body parts) through e-mail or by post. After intensive study of the reports, the specialists would recommend suitable medicines for a certain period. However, this practice is not encouraged in ‘Naturoveda’.