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About Gheranda


Gheranda Samhita is a classical text describing seven limbs of Yoga as taught by Sage Gheranda to his disciple, King Chandakapali. Sage Gheranda outlines a system which can take the serious aspirant from purification of the body to the highest states of Samadhi and knowledge of the soul. It is a late 17th century text and is considered to be the most encyclopaedic of the three classic texts on Hatha Yoga. Gheranda Samhita in short is a manual of Yoga taught by Gheranda to Chandakapali. Unlike other Hatha Yoga texts, the Gheranda Samhita speaks of sevenfold yoga:

1. Shatkarma for purification
2. Asana for strengthening
3. Mudra for steadying
4. Pratyahara for calming
5. Pranayama for lightness
6. Dhyana for perception
7. Samadhi for isolation

The text itself follows this division in seven chapters, and has a focus upon the Shatkarmas, thus this text is sometimes said to describe Ghatastha Yoga.