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Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses – which are cavities within our skull that are filled with air and located in and around our forehead and nose. When these cavities become blocked and filled with fluid, germs like bacteria, viruses and fungi can grow – causing an infection. The condition can be extremely painful, if acute. About 90% of adults have had Sinusitis at some point in their life. Therefore we need to be aware of the problem and its natural solution.  Headache, facial pain, a dull, constant pressure over the affected sinuses is common in both acute and chronic stages of Sinusitis. This pain is typically localised and may worsen when the affected person bends over or when lying down. Pain often starts on one side of the head and progresses to both sides. It may be accompanied by thick nasal discharge that is usually green in colour and may contain pus and/or blood. Other common symptoms include: a stuffed nose, loss of smell, cough or congestion, fever, bad breath, fatigue and dental pain. Sinusitis is caused when the sinuses become blocked and the mucous membrane lining them are infected by bacteria, viruses or fungi. This leads to inflammation and accumulation of pus. Unable to drain off due to inflammation, this pus builds up pressure and supports further infection within the affected sinus. Both active and passive smoking are known to aggravate Sinusitis. Dental infections may also lead to secondary infection of the sinuses. Chronic Sinusitis can also be caused indirectly due to an abnormality within the Eustachian tube located within the ear and is connected to the sinus cavities and the throat. Other conditions that can cause sinus blockage include the common cold, Allergic Rhinitis, Nasal Polyps and a Deviated Nasal Septum.
Nowadays, most of the treatments merely target the symptoms, without addressing the root cause of the problem. These medications have side-effects too. However, effective solution has been achieved through Fundamentals of Ayurveda, Unani and Therapeutic Yoga which is completely safe and natural. 'Naturoveda Health World' successfully employs a unique combination of these three systems to provide effective and long-lasting results without any side effect.


Foods to have

  • Berries
  • Beetroot
  • Carrots
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Ginger

Foods to avoid

  • Ice cream
  • Bananas
  • Fried and starchy food
  • Guava
  • Curd