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About Maharshi Sushruta


Maharshi Sushruta is a legendary scholar of ancient Indian science and founding Father of Surgery. Around 2600 years ago Maharshi Sushruta together with his colleagues had conducted variety of complex surgeries such as caesareans, implanting artificial limbs, cataract, urinary stones, fractures, and most specially the plastic surgery. In a famous book Shalya Tantra, Sushruta described all the surgical procedures. Shalya Tantra was later named as the Sushruta Samhita. His great findings have become an essential component of the Indian culture. He had described around eight procedures for surgery, such as cutting, piercing, opening, scratching, inserting, and stitching. Maharshi Sushruta had worked as both, the practitioner and the teacher of surgery. After his great writing, he had become a very famous personality and his writing was first translated into the Arabic language (as a Kitab-i-Susrut). Consequently, it got translated into Latin and English languages. 
Maharshi Sushruta had become a worldwide legend and famous in many areas like surgery of eye, amputation of the limbs and handling various complications after childbirth. His text, the Sushruta Samhita consists of 184 chapters and explanation of 1120 illnesses, details about 700 medicinal plants, a detailed study on Anatomy, 64 research works based on mineral sources and 57 research works based on the animal sources. Sushruta Samhita is the key reference book for all the Ayurvedic surgeons. He was the pioneer of anesthetics and has promoted the proper use of wine with incense of cannabis for anesthetic purpose. His contribution to the Indian traditional medicine and the ancient cultural heritage of India will always remain precious.